January 3, 2012


ThumbSwap is a simple script to be used in gallery or product information pages. Users can hover or click (or use any other event) in order to view the large version that the thumbnail is representing. This script provides an intuitive way for users to interact with your website.


April 30, 2011


KwicksCaptions is an adaptation of the original script by Jeremy Martin. This adaptation makes it possible to have captions on the kwicks. The captions are minified when not in use and will show full size when the kwick is activated. This script is optimized for horizontal function of the original script.


April 12, 2011


This jQuery script is a user interface enhancement. The script first takes the type of preferred payment the user wants to use and gives the correct form. If credit card is selected, the script will know what type of credit card the user is using based on the credit card number. Using this information, it will dynamically indicate to the user that the correct credit card type has been selected and will change a hidden field to that type. It will also show the correct cvv instructions depending on credit card.


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